Monday, April 15, 2013

When Miles Become Memories.

I have plenty of memories--pictures in my mind--of those great moments...the PRs, accomplishing a run I thought I couldn't, finishing a race in triumph, etc.

But the memories and pictures that come to life...those that are the sweetest of them all...are those I can think back on and remember sharing the special moment with dear friends or family. I am smiling now just thinking about some of them. These are the moments that mean the most.

Its that finish line feeling of a tough race accomplished together...

Its equal parts having a blast and running your heart out...side by matter what...

Its sharing sweet "firsts" with family...

Its sharing miles and smiles and stories and laughter with friends...

 Its the friend that always comes back for you and believes you are capable of more than you know...

Its running side by side with your bestest brother and watching with tears full of pride as you see him fight for the most well-earned finish line imaginable...Its the gratitude you feel in being able to share this moment...

Its seeing this face of relief...knowing one has accomplished something so big...and knowing it took profound courage, determination, and perseverance to do so...Its being there in this moment...and knowing you will cherish it forever...Its realizing that some races teach you more about who you are on the inside than even the outside...and smiling through tears when you realize you couldn't be prouder of who your brother is on the inside...

Its the long miles week after week that get hard to keep pushing through you call on a friend and the miles instantly become some of the best you have ever matter what...

Its the friends that take time out of their day to be there totally for you and help you reach your dreams...

Its all of these moments culminating in jubilation, relief, pure joy, gratitude, and smiles with every finish line you cross...


  1. So glad you're back to writing, my friend :)

  2. Like! I remember when I called myself Professor Positive on a sports message board. Really I was using it as sarcasm to spew a lot of negativity. Whew!. Positivity today is looking at all of the good things and holding on. Thank you for the daily reminder.

  3. Beautiful post Julia! You have so many moments to be proud of and to cherish.

  4. Beautiful piece of writing right here. You basically took every single word out of my mouth about how I feel about running.

    No matter how bad of a run, day, ect we are having we can always reflect on those moments and no one can ever take those moments away from us. They are ours!

  5. How fun. Such wonderful memories... so nice that you share them here, too!

  6. Wonderful post, it was bursting with love and positive goodness!

  7. Love this, loved that day, love you!!!

  8. oh friend, this is SOOO precious! and i think it embodies all that we/you run for, tackling challenges, persevering, but then having a blast too...underneath all of it is the passion for running. and you little bro, my GOSH, i'm floored at how far he's come!! :)

  9. Seriously you are amazing! And I miss running with you! I can't believe it's been two years since we were running together. I am so grateful for you being there after two of my half marathons and Rachelle and you helping me run in when I felt like I had nothing left!!

  10. This post is pure awesome. Pure. Awesome.


  11. so glad you're back! love your writing, you have a gift friend!

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