Monday, December 3, 2012

The Unexpected Reminder.

I love Sundays. No expectations. No pressure. 

One thing I look forward to most is the weekly walk around the lake with my pups. No need to pick up the pace and no time constraints...can simply walk, zone out, enjoy the moments with my sweet puppy girls.

I usually notice the surroundings but not to a detailed extent. No over-analyzing or worrying occurs. 

I simply breathe deep to allow the fresh air to fill me and allow the beauty of the outdoors to fill my mind and body. 

I smile as my puppy girls seem to do the same. 

Yesterday I walked outside to a fog so dense I could barely see in front of me. I vaguely recall registering disappointment...but this was nothing that could keep us from persevering through our weekly walk. Plus the puppy girls were already far too excited. To change my mind would be the true disappointment in their eyes. 

When we arrived at the lake, we continued walking, lost in exploration...amidst the calm. 

Suddenly I stopped...and saw this:

I was taken aback by the unexpected beauty of the moment. How had I thought this could be any sort of disappointment? It was truly majestic.

And led to an unexpected reminder:

Sometimes the beauty of a moment does not come from what immediately catches the eye. 

Sometimes you have to stop, squint, blink a few times and then truly open your eyes to the beauty beneath the surface. The secret, almost magical, experiences that exist behind the fog.


  1. That is stunning! I had a similar walk last week-- it was a beautiful day but I just didn't feel like taking Tals out. I did anyway but wasn't focused on it; instead, I was concentrating on getting the "chore" done. About halfway through, I realized it was a bluebird day, the sun was shining, Tals was happy, and everything was perfect. LOVE those days!

  2. Beautiful pictues. There are times I am in awe of my surroundings even though it's just trees. lol

  3. Beautiful... and, yes, a great reminder. :)

  4. Absolutely stunning photos and perspective. Such a great reminder to look below the surface. I miss our Sunday walks but am so glad you and the pups have found a new place to explore.

    Have a great week!

  5. Wow. Those pictures are seriously amazing! I am jealous.

    I am sure this kind of thing happens to us all the time where we don't realize how awesome something is because it's different than what we expected.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. The fact that you were able to truly see this beauty is a gift. Beautiful :)

  7. Beautiful pics and how fortunate for you that you were there!! And that you took the time to appreciate it!

  8. oh, so beautiful!! i love that u're able to delegate sundays and chill with the girlies day and enjoy the moments around u...not rushed and being open to 'chancing' upon amazing sights. :)

    I TOTALLY get it. I love those moments. :)

  10. So true Julia! Think of all that we've missed because we (I) don't slow down enough to look beneath the surface.

  11. Absolutely beautiful pictures! It's amazing what we miss even though it's right in front of us.

  12. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful moment. I love those moments where you literally breathe in your surroundings and are totally present.

  13. what beautiful pictures! i am missing running outside and soaking up the scenes!

  14. You are a beautiful writer, my dear. Love those pictures and I hope you and puppies are staying warm! Love you!


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