Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running and Mail Surprises.

So yesterday I had a pretty fantastic run...

And not because I felt so awesome or had that epic Rock Star feeling. Honestly...this is my surprised face...because this run was not what I expected.

I slept kinda "off" last night thanks to Riley waking up in the middle of the night going bark-ballistic which then resulted in dreams the rest of the night that there was someone in my house.

Then I woke up with crust-glued (yes...very medical term) eyes...I wanted to take it as a sign that they did not want to open...but I knew I would be regretting blowing off the run today.  

One...its my best day to get outside besides Saturday. Two...I am running a sort of "knock-off" of the color run 5ks up in SLC this weekend so I was not sure what the rest of my running week would pan out to be. But I knew I wanted to be able to go just have fun at the color run :) Three...I think its supposed to rain like every day after Wednesday.Awesome.

I really didn't have a plan other than "just enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather and survive" ...that was it. No distance plan. No speed plan. No nothing plan. I just wanted to run. And breathe the fresh air.

And if I am being completely honest. I also woke up with a pretty negative attitude. Last week I was loving running ALMOST as much as I love PB.

What? I have a phobia of running out...
So...when I woke up this morning...I was thinking "I am tired. Last week was so good. That DEFINITELY means that this week will be not as good." <----winning attitude right there folks. 

Anyway...that's when I scrapped all plans and just decided to zone out, enjoy the weather, smile at every other person I saw, and enjoy my music.

Suddenly I see Janae (YAY!) and look down and its been 11 miles. Really? How did I just totally zone out for 11 miles? **Okay...I didn't zone out completely that entire time...there were definitely parts where I would come back to reality and be like "oh yeah...still tired" so I tried to keep the zoning out thing going as long as I could ;) But I did realize my negative attitude was completely lost and replaced by positivity despite the fatigue still being there. WHAT!?! Its possible to be tired but still feel positive!?! Lesson learned. Plus...I thought it would be cool to run up in the canyon for a while...I just wanted to be away from the traffic/busy streets/noise/etc. It was cool and definitely what I needed but then later remembered...oh wait...now I gotta get back to my car. haha!

Total Running Surprise. It was never that the miles felt amazing or that I was flying or anything. My legs were still tired. I was still mentally exhausted. But just throwing all expectations out the window WORKED. I didn't finish all that strong. But I finished. With a smile on my face (somehow...) ;) LR for the week done. Now hoping to just take it easy the rest of the week and look forward to having some fun at the Color Dash 5k. LOVE THAT. Maybe some more puppy runs too!?!

*Anyway. Mail Surprises. Much more important because they are much more exciting.*

Like a billion years ago (no I do not ever exaggerate) I won an epic giveaway/raffle hosted by Ashley who was raising money for St. Jude!

One of the things that was in my giveaway winnings was a gift certificate to 26.2 Mile Stones. I had completely forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when I found the certificate while cleaning. Then I spaced that I had ever sent it in (finally!) till Saturday when I got this in my mail:

I am unbelievably happy and excited for how they turned out...basically the company turns old race bibs into tile coasters that are lined underneath with cork (they can use a scanned copy if you want to keep the bib!). They are SO nice...I was shocked when I opened them! Anyway...if you have a race bib that you want to do something cool with...I highly suggest this...I was so pleased and now want to get like every single one of my marathon race bibs done. But...no epic parties planned soon...so I don't think I need that many coasters. ;) Guess I could share some with the dogs...but I am not that nice. ;)

How is your week going!?!


  1. I love how you took your crappy attitude out the door and ran 11 happy miles. That is awesome! Now when I don't feel like lacing up after work I am so going to be thinking of you. Those tile coasters are wayyyy cool. Dang people are creative! Have a good week friend! Xo!

  2. So dang happy you had a great run yesterday. I miss running with you, like bad. Let me know if there is any chance I might get to see you while in Ky. I'll make the drive. :)
    Um, I have saved all my bibs For my 21 marathons and have been trying to decide what to do with them. Maybe a quilt or something but definitely love the coasters.... I'm thinking yes for my 50 milers. Gonna check it out.

  3. No expectations! That is such a wonderful thing sometimes. Your smile makes me smile :)

  4. Wow, so many awesome things in one post. Fantastic run, love the PB, fun to see Janae, awesome coasters. I hope the happiness of the run stayed with you all day.


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