Monday, April 16, 2012

A Colorful Weekend.

This weekend turned out to be quite full of unexpected but pleasant surprise :)

It all started with a peaceful and relaxing post-rain walk at a nearby park with my pups.

Saturday morning I woke up early to make the drive to SLC with my friend Sarah. She mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she had started running again. When I found the Neon Run 5k...I knew it would be a perfect and fun goal for her.

She did fantastic and surprised herself with how she was able to run consistently nearly the entire way. We stopped for one walk break but after only a few weeks of running she finished in 37 minutes...all while being able to enjoy the colorful chalk being thrown on us as we ran :) I was so proud of her and I think she is pretty proud of herself as well. Sharing in the experience of this 5k with her brought a smile to my face :)

She even shared in a few smiles herself...I told her that this pic was my favorite because she looks SO happy! LOVE IT!

It was a very small race with 200 or less people. The race took place at a park up in SLC and was soooo cheap for the amount of fun we had...only $10!!! We ran the park loop twice so there was 5 color stations that we passed through 2 times each. The first one was near the beginning so it was crowded and I didn't get any color...but by the end you could prime the volunteers for where you wanted the color, photo ops, etc because everyone was so spread out. It was perfectly awesome!

The race made me realize that wearing bright exciting colors while you run is too fun to experience only 1 day a this happened...

Sad to see such a perfectly awesome weekend end but hoping the week ahead is just as bright and colorful and full of just as many smiles  :)

Good luck to everyone running BOSTON this morning :) :) :)

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